Resin bonded surfacing

At Pro-Tar Surfacing we can supply a resin bonded surfacing system known colloquially as a 'coat and scatter' or a 'broadcast' system because of the technique of spreading the small sized aggregate dressing onto the wet resin surface, much like sowing seeds.

The method of applying resin bonded paving means that the finished surface has a somewhat rough texture as the individual stone particles stand proud of the resin binder. Resin bonded aggregate surfacing has the appearance of a loose gravel driveway but with the aggregate anchored by the resin.

GeoPave resin

We can also supply a GeoPave resin bound surfacing system which provides unusual and attractive creative options for paving driveways, paths, public spaces, tree pits and internal floors. A GeoPave resin bound surfacing system is a brighter, modern alternative to established concrete, block paving, pattern imprinted concrete or asphalt.

The properties of a resin bound surfacing system incorporating GeoPave resin binder can be tailored to meet individual client requirements. There is a wide range of suitable aggregates in different colours and textures. This allows a high degree of freedom for the architect or landscape designer to use these characteristics to compliment or contrast with other elements of the project. Natural gravels in light buff to darker brown shades are the most popular but crushed rock derived aggregates such as granite, basalt offer alternative and distinctive finishes.

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